batchWare™ CS

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The release of batchWare™ CS is almost here. Currenty in the Beta 2 stage, it has been installed on several customers with tremendous success. batchWare™ CS improves and expands on every area of previous versions resulting in a new product that is more accurate, more efficient, more user-friendly, more functional and faster than ever before. We are confident that whether you are purchasing a new system with batchWare™ CS or upgrading your current system, you will quickly see Control Solutions is creating software for tomorrow while others are still working in the past.

New Product

While earlier versions of batchWare™ were advanced for their time, we realized the need to create an entirely new product. Unlike our competitors, who chose to put a new face on an old product, we chose to create batchWare™ CS.



  • NEW SQL Server® 2005 Data Storage - Now batchWare™ CS uses the latest version of Microsoft® SQL Server® to store all of the data used by batchWare™ CS which dramatically increases the speed and efficiency of the software.
  • NEW QuickTabs feature allows the user to track and create orders from the batch screen. Additionally the user can see all batch weights and tickets for the day and even reprint a batch weight or ticket or both if needed.
  • NEW Email Feature - Now each batchWare™ CS system has a unique email address. This email can be displayed as one of the items in the QuickTab list. This feature allows the user to communicate with Control Solutions Service Technicians for assistance and assists our technicians in getting information from the system such as batch weights, errors and other log files directly via email. As an added security benefit, the email system is a closed system. This means the email will only function to and from Control Solutions ensuring your operators are focused on the tasks they need to be while still have the ability to communicate via email for assistance. Additionally, as software upgrades become available, notices are sent via email to all systems allowing the user to see the what new features are available in the new upgrade. The only thing you need to provide is the broadband internet connection. Control Solutions provides the rest.
  • NEW Batch Screen Layout - The new screen layout incorporates larger font size for easier viewing and a new Items tab. The Items tab will give you the plant status as well as the status of plant items such as central mixers, holding hoppers, water holding tanks, moistures probes and many more. What's more, the new Active tab now allows adjustments to Total Water, Truck Number, Driver and other items even after the batch has been started in a more convenient way than before.
  • NEW HotClick feature allows the editing of mix designs, trucks, orders and many more items simply by double clicking the item on the batch setup screen.
  • NEW SUPERcharge™ feature allows a much faster discharge at certain points during the discharge process for an overall faster rate. This feature alone can shave a tremendous amount of time off every load.
  • NEW Next Batch Setup - Now, with an active batch in progress, the next batch can be setup before the first batch and discharge completes.
  • IMPROVED Accuracy - While earlier versions of batchWare™ where many years ahead of other products in the industry in accuracy, batchWare™ CS has improved accuracy by 300% over earlier versions. By improving accuracy to this level we have further reduced the already low number of jogs used by batchWare™ which in turn improves quality by increasing consistency and improves speed by reducing wait time.
  • IMPROVED Speed - By re-examining every aspect of the batch and discharge processes, we have created the most efficient batch and discharge software which in turn reduces the total weigh-up and discharge time of every load. With settings to determine when and how things discharge and most importantly settings to ensure that nothing sits in an idle position that doesn't have to, batchWare™ CS has improved load times over all competitor replaced systems as much as 2 minutes per batch in some cases. How and where time is saved is up to the plant, customer and how the software is configured and therefore the savings vary from plant to plant. One thing is certain however, you will save time on each and every load in almost every installation we perform.
  • IMPROVED Stability. A major focus in creating batchWare™ CS, like all Control Solutions products, was to ensure rock solid stability.


  • microDispatch™ Option is our robust order entry and ticketing solution. More details of the capabilities of microDispatch™ can be found by clicking here.
  • Dispatch Interface Option enables batchWare™ CS to receive tickets and mix designs from dispatch software via TCP/IP or serial port using the Universal Link Interface. Additionally, batch results and inventory information can be sent back to the dispatch system with this option.
  • IntelliBatch™ Option allows a second batch to be started while the first batch is still active. The second batch will then begin batching whenever scales, bottle and water meters from the first batch are no longer needed thus reducing plant idle time and improving loading times.
  • Central Mixer Option adds software, additional switches and slump meter to the IntelliSeries™ panel for controlling a tilt, pan, twin-shaft, roll or other type mixer or even multiple mixers.
  • Individual Admix Zeros Option adds software, indicators and controls for monitoring individually admix bottles that are empty or not empty instead of the classic series wired installation.
  • Moisture Probe Option includes one Hydronix HydroProbe II moisture probe and software interface for automatic moisture compensation. Up to 16 moisture probes can be added to a single ProBatch system.
  • QuickBooks® Interface Option enables batchWare™ CS (when using the
    microDispatch Option) to export ticket information directly into QuickBooks® for accounting.
  • Remote Batch Option includes plant safety hardware, remote control software and additional user tools to provide a user-friendly interface for remote batching.

Many other options are available. Ask your sales representative or dealer about what options are available for your plant.

Screen Snapshots

Below are snapshots of some screens in batchWare™ CS. Click on any image for a larger view.

Mix Design Screen

Inventory Tracking Screen

Item (Product) Screen

Material Screen




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