Batching Products
ProBatch IntelliSeries - The ProBatch™ IntelliSeries™ system is our flagship product. Like all of our products, the IntelliSeries™ was designed from the ground up with the customer in mind. By maintaining this focus, the IntelliSeries™ is setting a new standard for batch computers today. A customizable panel layout and virtually unlimited expandability make the IntelliSeries™ an excellent choice for customers with demanding plants or those who prefer to have the very best.
ProBatch P1Series Plus - The ProBatch™ P1Series Plus system is our entry level batching system. The P1 Series Plus maintains the quality of the IntelliSeries™ and is expandable but not to the extent of the IntelliSeries system. This unit is an econmical solution that meets the requirements of most producers and pavers.
ProBatch M1Series - The ProBatch™ M1Series system is our entry level batching product that uses your existing electrical manual panel. This design allows us to provide a system for producers interested in an entry level system who already have a manual panel. This allows producers to get into a fully automated batching system without replacing much of the useful equipment already installed on the plant. The M1Series is a perfect solution for smaller producers needing an automation system to continue to receive state business.
ProBatch M1xSeries - The ProBatch™ M1xSeries system builds on the very popular M1Series and expands the functionality to control more materials. The M1xSeries is an excellent option for customer needing a little more control without having to spend a lot more money.
ProBatch G9Series - The ProBatch™ G9Series system allows customers with existing competitor batching systems to migrate to a Control Solutions system in steps. The G9 Series provides automation for your existing batching system by usng the existing manual panel and automation hardware. By leveraging your existing hardware, you can have the performance of state-of-the-art batching on your current system with far less cost and installed in far less time than purchasing a complete system.
ProBatch IntelliCast - The ProBatch™ IntelliCast™ system is our flagship product for the Block/Products/Precast industry. The IntelliCast system is based on the strengths of the IntelliSeries™ but is a wall mounted unit. With options to communicate with Slump Control devices, block machines and even an option for sealed water resistant switches, the IntelliCast™ is designed to handle your application.

batchWare™ CS is the state-of-the-art batching software at the heart of all of our batching products. batchWare CS is Windows®-only based software. This means you don't get multiple computers or computer-like products that must communicate with each other in order for your batching system to work. With ProBatch™ and batchWare CS you get one computer workstation that does all the work because it was designed with enough power to do all the work. More parts means more failure and you will never have to worry about that with our batching products.
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