batchWare™ CS

The bar has been raised...again.

View of the batchWare CS batch screen. Click on the image above for a larger view.

Click for a larger view of the Graphical Batching view available in batchWare CS.


"One of the popular features of batchWare CS is the ability to choose which batch view you prefer. While our competitors are forcing you to a graphical only view, we listened...and have left the decision up to you." - Mike Mitcham, Control Solutions

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batchWare™ is redefining terms used by automation suppliers for years. Terms like accuracy, speed and reliabilty do not do justice to the expanded capabilities of a Windows® only based batching system. Instead, new terms like flexibility, user-friendly, connectivity and data management are redfining the batch computer's role in the concrete industry. With the introduction of batchWare™, batch computers are no longer the disconnected black sheep of your organization with only one function. Now your batch computers can move rapidly into integrated positions within your organization. Anything less would be unacceptable.


As with many other pieces of the batchWare™ software, the method used to weigh materials is nothing less than revolutionary. New batchWare™ customers are discovering new levels of accuracy previously thought unattainable. Most other available systems use the old traditional material weigh-up method, called "freefall". When using this method, most systems have incorporated "learning" to accomodate changes in the plant over a period of time. While this has been the predominate method for decades in the batching automation industry, batchWare™ has all but eliminated the need for this dated material weigh-up method. Using the latest technology, batchWare™ actually monitors the plant and scales during the weigh-up process hundreds of times per second and makes decisions to compensate for changes as they happen. This new method allows batchWare™ to hit targets closer than ever before possible with little or no jogging of the weigh-up gate. Therefore, batchWare™ actually "thinks". After all, the "learning" method that most systems use means that a mistake has already occured. With batchWare™, we virtually keep the mistake from ever happening.


The two major areas in which batch computers can significantly reduce the production capacity of a plant are in the jogging of the weigh-up and discharge gates. Every time a batch comupter "jogs" a weigh-up gate, it must wait for the scale to settle again before checking the weight. The time it takes for a batch computer to do this is generally called settle time. Therefore, eliminating "jogs" during the weigh-up, results in less waiting and shorter overall weigh-up times. Failing this goal, the next most important thing is to jog as few times as possible. As previously stated, batchWare™ takes full advantage of the latest technology to do just this. However, once all materials have been weighed, now the batch computer must discharge the materials into the truck or mixer. While "over-jogging" the discharge gates of a plant also reduces the production capacity, the reason is actually different. Settle time doesn't actually apply during the discharge process. Instead, when a discharge gates "jogs", it reduces the amount of material flowing from the gate. This not only causes the plant to take a longer period of time to empty the scale, but also causes inconsistent blending of the materials into the truck or mixer. As a result of the latter problem, increased mixing times further add to the already reduced production. batchWare™ addresses this problem in the same manner in which it addresses the accuracy issue. By using the technology incorporated in its' design, it monitors the scale hundreds of times per second and makes decisions during the discharge cycle. Like the weigh-up method, batchWare™ facilitates making the right decisions before the mistakes are made in the discharge cycle, thereby reducing the need for "learning" that other systems use. Due to the speed at which
is monitoring the discharge process, the discharge gate "jogs" much less and the material flows out of the gate much more consistently.


The world of Windows® has been upon us for many years now. Like any product, software or otherwise, after a number of years, it simply fills more needs, and becomes easier to use. batchWare™ is no exception. With the advent of Windows® XP Professional, Microsoft® has reached new levels of stability. After monitoring and testing the product for many months, it was decided that batchWare™ would move from the already very reliable Windows® 2000 Professional, to the amazingly more stable Windows® XP Professional. With the new power and increased reliability of Windows® XP Professional in place,
batchWare™ has maintained a constant focus of reliability.


When you make the decision, as we at Control Solutions have, to not only embrace the changes in technology but to take part in them, the flexibility available to you is virtually endless. Each user of batchWare™ can customize not only the way screens are setup for use, but also certain colors, functions and even languages. Therefore, the flexibility of
batchWare™ begins with users and extends into the same comfort levels you are already accustomed to with most other Windows® programs.


Due to the design of Windows®, all programs designed for it maintain some similarity to one another. This fact alone is one of the major reasons Windows® is so popular. Even for users who are completely unfamiliar with computers, Windows®, or both, learning to run a Windows® based program can be one of the simplest learning processes available. With a "mouse" it's as simple as "point and click".


The newest feature now available in Windows® only based batch computers is not really a new idea at all. For many years now, companies have been asking for the ability to share information with the batch computer. After all, a large amount of information originates in the batch computer. For a truly integrated solution, you must be able to use this information somewhere other than on the batch computer. Reports on the information inside a batch computer have been available almost since the introduction of batch computers themselves. Unfortunately, in order to analyze this information, it would then have to be reentered into another computer. This manual entry not only became tedious and usually impractical, but it also introduced human error into data previously untouched by human hands. Fortunately, batchWare™ has remedied this problem and provides a number of methods for sharing the information it contains. Whether you choose to access this information across a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), phone line or floppy disk, batchWare™ can provide you with the method of transfering information you require.

Data Management

Until the advent of batchWare™, a producer's only solution was to invest in expesive dispatch systems in order to have centralized data managment for the data contained in the batch computer. batchWare™ uses a modular design in order to accomdate producers requiring the ability to control such items as customers, mix designs, materials and extra products. With the custom security settings available in batchWare™, each user can be locked out of any or all parts of any type of data. When used in conjunction with our
products, producers can finally have control over the data in the batch computer. Without moving to a large dispatch system, your Quality Control department can maintain control over your mix designs and your accounting/sales department can maintain control over your customer file. No matter how you choose to control your data, batchWare™ together with microDispatch™ can provide the solution you have been looking for.

Mix Designs
  • Unlimited mix design storage
  • 16 character Mix ID
  • Short and Long Descriptions
  • Custom Slump Table
  • Custom category field for reports and searches
  • Selectable discharge type for optimum loading
  • Individual notes per mix design

  • User-friendly alphabetical list of all setup items
  • Customizable per user for security or simplification

View of the batchWare™ configuration screen. (Click image for larger view)

Inventory Tracking
  • Graphical display of on hand inventory
  • "Trucks low" display and warning settings
  • All warnings for low inventory are set for each material


View of the batchWare™ inventory tracking screen. (Click image for larger view)

  • Minimum and maximum load size settings
  • Individual discharge rates per discharge type per truck
  • "Truck-type" selection for report analysis and haul-truck usage
  • Truck load history

View of the batchWare™ trucks screen. (Click image for larger view)


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