"Finally. Material handling done right."

binWare™ is the only material handling software of its kind for the concrete industry. Before binWare™ customers had very limited options for changing how their material handling system operated. Usually these changes involved calling the supplier or an electrician and incurring cost for making even the most simple change. binWare was designed just like batchWare™ to allow the user to make changes to settings using a very user-friendly interface. No more expensive service calls or calls to an electrician to make simple changes to your system.


binWare™ is designed to ensure no wasted time during the filling of your plant. In fact,
Ware™ is so efficient that new customers are often very nervous once the system is first run. This is because for years customers have had huge gaps and delays built into their existing material handling solutions to give them a chance to "catch a mistake". binWare™ does not suffer from the limitations of older methods for material handling and therefore, large gaps a delays are no longer needed. We have taken every measurement for how a material handling system operates and placed it into our operating formula. This means you no longer have to be limited by your material handling system's inability to keep up with your plant. Simply put binWare is the most efficient and stable material handling software on the market.


With binWare™, the end user can customize how the system fills the plant through the use of Profiles. An example of this would be having a "Default" Profile which controls the filling of the plant for normal everyday production. In certain cases, like morning start-up, the system needs to be more responsive in order to keep up with the demand put on a plant from batching back-to-back trucks. A new profile can be setup to allow the plant to only fill each bin for a time-limited period. This ensures that all bins being used are receiving some amount of material quickly though none are ever really completely filled.


The world of Windows® has been upon us for many years now. Like any product, software or otherwise, after a number of years, it simply fills more needs, and becomes easier to use. binWare™ is no exception. With the advent of Windows® XP Professional, Microsoft® has reached new levels of stability. After monitoring and testing the product for many months, it was decided that binWare™ would move from the already very reliable Windows® 2000 Professional, to the amazingly more stable Windows® XP Professional. With the new power and increased reliability of Windows® XP Professional in place,
binWare™ has maintained a constant focus of reliability.



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