ProBatch G9 Series

"The upgrade the competition doesn't want you to see."


The ProBatch™ G9 Series system is UPGRADE for your existing competitor batching system. We recognize that a batching system is a significant investment, and therefore the G9 Series is the first of it's kind, designed to maximize your initial investment. The G9 Series is actually a Windows® upgrade to your existing batch computer*. Therefore, we simply provide our computer workstation hardware, batchWare™ CS batching software, and scale indicators while using your existing manual panel as well as the "box-on-the-wall" many other systems use.

The result is that you get the virtually endless functionality of our batchWare CS batching software based on Microsoft Windows® XP Professional and access to the level of service you have been waiting for with a much lower investment than completely replacing your existing batching system.

Should you find, after you have purchased a G9 Series batching system, that you require control over more items than your current manual panel can provide, you can upgrade to an IntelliSeries™ manual panel. Since the installation of the G9 Series batching system does not alter your existing batch computer (in most cases), you can then reassemble your entire old batch computer and sell it or install it in another un-automated plant.

There are many systems that can be upgraded using the G9 Series. If you do not see your batch computer listed below, please feel free to call our sales department to inquire about the possibility of installing a G9 Series batching system on your plant.

*Available Upgrades:
  • CommandAlkon Eagle MP
  • CommandAlkon Eagle JR
  • CommandAlkon Eagle
  • CommandAlkon Eagle Plus
  • MPAQ
  • Weigh Systems

batchWare™ CS Software

The G9 Series ™ system is powered by batchWare CS , our very powerful yet user-friendly Windows® based software. To see all of the features and options available with
batchWare CS , click on the screen snapshot above.

Computer Workstation

The custom built computer workstation is enclosed in a heavy duty, durable all metal case. The case was designed for harsh environments especially where dust is a concern. It includes 4 cooling fans and a user-replaceable filter to ensure years of faithful operation. This design allows the case to be used in a tower or desktop configuration depending on your needs and space requirements. In addition to the robust case, we always make certain your system is built using the most advanced stable and reliable components on the market from reliable names like Intel® and Microsoft®. Windows® XP Professional is the operating system used in all our products. Click on the workstation image to the right for a larger view.


  • Workstation Dimensions (W x H x D): 7" x 17" x 19.25"
  • Workstation Temperature Range: 40°-90°F (4°-32°C)
  • Humidity Range: 10-90% (no condensing)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and In-house labor (Extended warranty options can be found by clicking here.)


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