microDispatch™ CS

"Not Dispatch. microDispatch™"

View of the microDispatch Order Screen

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microDispatch™ CS is an extremely robust order entry and ticketing solution for ready mix producers. More powerful than you find in a batching system but not as large as a corporate dispatching system. microDispatch was designed to provide producers with the tools they need to manage pricing and generate tickets fast and efficiently.


  • QuickBooks® Interface Option enables microDispatch CS to export ticket information directly into QuickBooks® for accounting.
  • Remote Ticket Dispatch Option enables microDispatch CS to function as a dispatch station transmitting tickets to a batch panel via TCP/IP using the Universal Link.
  • Additional Station Option allows multiple users to enter orders simultaneously. (Must purchase 1 license per additional computer)
  • Truck Tracking Option via our microTrack CS product enables the manual tracking of your ready mix trucks.


  • Customer specific mix design names
  • Customer specific mix design descriptions
  • Customer specific mix design pricing
  • Customer specific extra product names
  • Customer specific extra product descriptions
  • Customer specific extra product pricing
  • Customer historical sales reporting
  • Customer historical usage reporting
  • User-definable Pricing Levels for global price management
  • User-definable Pricing Zones
  • Long term storage of delivery addresses to aid in data entry
  • Long term storage of delivery instructions to aid in data entry
  • Long term storage of special instructions to aid in data entry
  • Long term storage of orders
  • Long term storage of tickets
  • Recordation of COD payments and methods including check ,cash, etc.
  • Extra products can be added to an order for the first ticket only or all tickets
  • Orders can be entered for any day in the future
  • Orders can be transfered from day to day
  • Tickets batched by mistake can be transferred to new orders and reprinted saving value time
  • COD customers do not have to be entered as customers to generate orders
  • Yard or counter sale ticket creation
  • Multiple plant ticketing
  • Individual ticket number sequences stored per plant
  • Comma-delimited data export included
  • Credit Limits can be applied to customer
  • Tax statuses (Exempt, Non-exempt) stored per customer or order
  • Job contact information stored per order
  • Truck Loads Report available per day or per order
  • Operates as stand-alone ticketing solution or fully integrated with any ProBatch™ Batching System.
  • Multiple users can enter orders simultaneously (must purchase additional microDispatch Licesnes per additional computer)
  • Mix design specific pricing
  • Extra product specific pricing
  • Ticket editing

Screen Snapshots

Delivery Address Search Screen (Allows the user to search for previous devliery addresses for the customer)

Customer Screen

Order Stack (List of all orders for any date with quantity and status information)

Project Screen

microTrack™ CS Truck Tracking Screen
(This is an option that can be added to any microDispatch CS or batchWare CS purchase)


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