QuickBooks® Interface

Now microDispatchintegrates data with QuickBooks Pro and Premier Editions 2002-2006, Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2003-2006, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0-6.0, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks Simple Start 2006, and QuickBooks Point of Sale 5.0.

The QuickBooks® Inteface allows customers using microDispatch in either a stand-alone setup or integrated with batchWare™ or batchWare™ CS to export ticket information to QuickBooks® for invoicing. A few of the features of the interface are listed below. Contact your sales representative about ordering your copy of the
QuickBooks® Interface.


  • Synchronizing of customers between microDispatch and QuickBooks®.
  • Synchronizing of mix designs between microDispatch and QuickBooks®.
  • Synchronizing of extra products between microDispatch and QuickBooks®.
  • Tax rates handled through microDispatch.
  • Exporting orders directly into QuickBooks® as invoices.
  • Multiple plants handle through single interface. (Requires additional internet connectivity setup for remote locations)


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